Helping Sugarbeets Reach Their Sweetest Potential

Published online: May 31, 2023 Feature Sponsored Content
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Sugarbeets were first grown commercially in central California in 1870, to recover the sucrose from them. Currently, more than 32 million tons of sugar are produced every year in the U.S., and 50-55% of it comes from the sugarbeet. This production comes from 11 states and two provinces, including the upper Midwest, the far west, the Great Plains and the Great Lakes

Save the Sugar; Defend the Leaves
Cercospora leaf spot (CLS) is the most dangerous disease and biggest concern for sugarbeet growers. CLS is an airborne fungal disease, meaning the spores germinate and infect sugarbeets through their leaves. Sugarbeets need healthy leaves to capture as much nutrients as possible.

Growers can visually see the effects of CLS five to 21 days after the infection occurs; it causes visible lesions on the leaves, then moves toward the stem, and in severe cases, results in complete death and loss of leaves. This disease can also infect new growth as it progresses. Ultimately, growers can experience up to 40% yield loss from CLS. A decrease in yield means less recoverable sucrose, which, for growers, can mean a significant loss in profit.

More Sugar Means More Profit

Protecting their sugarbeets from CLS has become very important to growers. Growers know that protection equals profits, which is why many use ProvysolTM fungicide in a spray program approach, a solo DMI (FRAC 3), on their sugarbeets to control and protect from CLS. 

“Provysol fungicide provides a unique approach to disease control based on the composition of the active ingredient that make it up. Since the molecule is flexible it allows it to bind with the disease cell in multiple places,” said Ken Deibert, with BASF. “This allows the fungicide to maximize its resistance management capabilities for effective control.” 

By using Provysol fungicide, a product specifically designed for crops like sugarbeets, growers can gain fast-acting control in their sugarbeet crop. Sprayed early in the spray program, Provysol fungicide quickly penetrates the leaves for effective disease protection. By protecting against CLS, sugarbeets can live up to their most profitable and sweetest potential.

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