Senninger’s Quick Connect Coupling

Published online: Oct 20, 2015 News
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Senninger Irrigation Inc., a global leader in agricultural irrigation manufacturing, announces the release of the Quick Connect Coupling, a lightweight connector that easily joins small diameter PVC pipes.

The Quick Connect Coupling lets growers build the solid system of their choice and transport it wherever they need it. All it takes is a twist to connect and disconnect the tubing.

The coupling connects small diameter pipes together to create easily collapsible lateral lines, making it ideal for high rotation crops that require growers to remove the irrigation system every few months as they prepare the soil. It was designed to reduce the material costs of an entire irrigation system while making management easier for growers. The Quick Connect is Available in four models: 1-inch, 1 1-4-inch, 32mm and 40mm diameter sizes.

To learn more about the Quick Connect Coupling, visit or email Senninger at