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July 28, 2014

North Dakota State University releases free apps

Three North Dakota State University Extension Service publications are available on one app for smartphone and tablet users.
July 27, 2014

GMO labeling initiative qualifies for ballot

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP)—An initiative to require the labeling of genetically modified foods in Oregon has qualified for a statewide vote in November.
July 26, 2014

Ag senators express concerns to McCarthy

Republicans on the Senate Agriculture Committee met this week with EPA administrator Gina McCarthy to express their concerns about the agency’s “Waters of the U.S.” proposal and other EPA actions that are many view as “anti-agriculture."
July 26, 2014

Sugar rush at ethanol plant fuels fight with Nebraska corn farmers

CHICAGO—An ethanol plant in Nebraska corn country is pumping out fuel made from sugarbeets, and corn farmers are suing to stop it—a small-town dispute that offers an unusual take on the debate over the market-distorting impact of sugar and corn subsidies.
July 26, 2014

Sugarbeet development set to improve weed control

Sugarbeet growers are set to benefit from an innovative weed control development by international market leaders SESVanderHave in the future.
July 25, 2014

U.S. sugar industry focused on litigating trade cases

The U.S. sugar industry is not pressing the U.S. or the Mexican government or industry to negotiate an agreement on sugar trade, but is busy litigating antidumping and countervailing duty cases filed against sugar imports from Mexico, a spokesman for the
July 25, 2014

Attorney: Kauai GMO, pesticide law protects public

HONOLULU (AP)—Kauai County’s authority to regulate genetically modified crops and pesticides was the subject of arguments in a federal court hearing Wednesday in a lawsuit by four seed companies seeking to stop a new law from going into effect next month.
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