Beet harvest begins for Wyoming Sugar Co.

Published online: Oct 02, 2015 News
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MIDVALE, Wyo.—It was bright and early when the first trucks loaded with sugarbeets began arriving at Wyoming Sugar Company’s two local receiving stations, at Midvale and at the Riverton station midway between Riverton and Shoshoni. Some farmers began pulling their crop on Wednesday to have full truckloads when the receiving stations opened.

Growers such as the Klein Farms at Pavillion were topping and pulling the beets early, and the line of trucks carrying sugarbeets continued streaming into the receiving stations, resulting in a growing pile of beets.

Most of the county’s sugarbeets are raised in the Pavillion, Missouri Valley and Arapahoe areas.

The sugarbeets are stockpiled at the two locations and then are later transloaded to the Wyoming Sugar Refinery in Worland, where they are processed.

Fremont County has some one dozen growers who have planted about 1,700 acres in sugarbeets.

The scale house at Midvale was staffed by Jennifer Long who told the story that her mother Mildred was the first female beet truck driver in Missouri Valley.