Innovation and technology in the seed industry

Published online: Jun 17, 2014
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Seed experts and industry leaders are in Circle City, Ind., to talk about issues facing the seed industry.

ASTA CEO Andy Lavigne said discussions will center on innovation and technology used to develop seed germplasm and how those improvements continue to help farmers maximize their return on investment.

“Those are genes that are within the varieties,” he said. “Whether it is drought resistance or salt tolerance, anything along those lines, to not only really improve the ability to produce a high quality yield, but to produce special traits that will be unique to the market place.”

Lavigne tells Brownfield those breeding techniques could become a big issue for the seed industry as there is concern some regulatory bodies may classify those seeds as biotech.

“If that regulatory process goes down that route,” he said. “Then it becomes a burden for companies to use those techniques to develop varieties to give farmers the choice they want.”

Purdue President Mitch Daniels officially kicked off ASTA’s 131st Annual Convention on June 12.