Buy smart: Managing input risk

Published online: Apr 05, 2014
A new growing season has arrived. With it came a market correction that changes the decision-making process for inputs, especially fertilizer.

The last few years have provided profit opportunities that have allowed new things to be added to fertilizer programs without shaving too much off the grower’s bottom line. In most cases, performance may have been assumed, but since profit margins were good, maybe results weren’t verified. Now, how do you know which ones you should leave in your crop nutrition program and which ones you can live without? In many cases, additives can amount to substantial costs that need to be evaluated at new crop prices.

Supplemental products are often promoted for an ability to make fertilizer better, maybe less leachable or volatile, or less reactive, or maybe that they stimulate microbes to ‘free-up’ nutrients. Some of these claims even hold up under certain circumstances, but enhanced efficiency fertilizers like Pro-Germinator, Sure-K, Kalibrate, MicroLink and High NRG-N provide all the benefit of additives without the additional cost or inconvenience.

These products are manufactured with efficiencies not found in conventional fertilizers, used on millions of acres across North America and are proven by years of replicated research. And not just any research, but research that’s been done at the expense of the company, not the grower. Which means AgroLiquid helps growers mitigate their risk, in addition to helping maintain their margin.

Farmers can receive all the performance boosting benefits without having to worry about handling, or paying someone to handle, costly additives. “Better performance” is what AgroLiquid has been proving and providing for decades.

Simplifying production while saving money and time is something more and more growers will have to prioritize as the industry re-acclimates to an era of tighter margins. Fortunately, AgroLiquid has proven, time-tested products that help with just that.