Buyer's Guide: Growth Promoters and Fertilizers

Manage Your Beets Better

Published in the March 2014 Issue Published online: Mar 14, 2014
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Agronomic Partners


IQ Phos

Start fast and finish strong with IQ Phos, the most plant-available, lowest input phosphorus source in the industry.

With input rates at only 1–3 pounds per acre, IQ Phos satisfies most phosphorus environmental regulations relating to pounds per acre, while still meeting or exceeding the plants’ needs for P nutrition.

IQ Phos protects the phosphorus with carbon complexing, keeping the phosphate in plant available form and ready for immediate uptake and utilization. High amino acid content enhances microbial activity, providing a more vibrant growing environment for stronger plant growth and greater yields.




Crops respond well to optimum levels of fertilization both in terms of yield and quality.

In addition to soil and plant analysis, fertilizer rates are dependent on a number of factors, such as time of harvest, variety, plant population and previous crop. Soil tests, plant tissue analysis and observations of visual deficiency symptoms are important diagnostic tools when problems with micronutrients are suspected.

Starter has been formulated to mix with a Mark-Out blend. When applied in the soil it will generally aid in the uptake of nutrients for the plant. This product is an easy and feasible way to enhance a grower’s crop and increase his yield and profit margin for minimal cost.

Verdesian Life Sciences


Take Off

Patented Take Off from Verdesian is the only nitrogen management technology that works inside the plant.

Take Off is a nutritional catalyst designed to accelerate carbon fixation, improve nitrogen uptake and use efficiency, and boost photosynthesis.

The result is increased biomass, increased nitrogen assimilation and better root architecture. All this gives growers higher yield potential and greater nitrogen efficiency.

Wolf Trax

DDP Nutrients

Scientifically designed to provide better nutrition, better crops and better farming, Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients deliver important nutrients such as zinc and boron more effectively than traditional granular micronutrients.

DDP (Dry Dispersible Powder) Nutrients can be used as a fertilizer coating, applied in a foliar application or mixed with liquid fertilizer. Featuring EvenCoat technology, DDP Nutrients coat each and every dry fertilizer prill for more consistent fertilizer blends, even distribution across the field, and early plant uptake.

DDP Nutrients also feature the patented PlantActiv formulation, providing immediate availability, as well as continuous feeding over time, so plants have nutrition when it’s needed most. The family of DDP Nutrient products includes Zinc DDP, Boron DDP, Manganese DDP, Magnesium DDP, Copper DDP, Iron DDP and Calcium DDP.

Maz -Zee International nternational


Penatron Soil Conditioner

For the past 20 years, Penatron with its 30 synergistic components has proven to increase beet yield and quality.

It has root growth stimulators, desert plant wetting agents, and hormones to reduce stress and increase disease resistance, soil structure builders and other benefits.

Penatron speeds seed germination and gives a better stand due to reduced crusting. It reduces weather stress and stimulates root growth with auxins and hormones.

Much reduced wilting is observed during hot summer afternoons for continued growth. Penatron increases water infiltration that reduces pumping expense. It stimulates soil microbes to improve soil structure and water holding capacity.

Yield increases of 1.5 to 4 tons per acre with a 0.46 to 1.18 percent increase in sugar content have been recorded.