Water quality/nutrient mgmt. a priority at NRCS

Published online: Aug 19, 2013
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Jason Weller, chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service says when it comes to addressing water quality/nutrient management issues in the U.S., NRCS has a suite of conservation practices available to help farmers.

"It can include nutrient management plans, help them be even more efficient with their application of nutrients, it can be looking at their tillage practices, help them tryout different approaches to tillage, whether it's strip tillage, conservation tillage and in some cases no-till, it can be looking at different uses of cover crops, or buffers on the edge of fields," said Weller. "It's looking at a number of different practices working together to help producers be as efficient as possible, help them be successful from a crop production standpoint, then also ensure or minimizing offsite loss of nutrients and sediments."

Weller is encouraged by what's taking place on farms across the country, adding that while it's a partnership between farmers and the federal government, the entire country benefits.

Source: brownfieldagnews.com