Triniy Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.

Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 18, 2013
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Trinity Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.New Truck Beds Available

Trinity Trailer of Boise, Idaho, introduces a new generation of light weight Eagle Bridge Stainless Steel spud beds.

Beds are available in lengths of 20-to-30 feet with 25-inch or 31-inch belt widths to handle beets, spuds or grains. The bed is also available in carbon steel.

The new generation features the Trinity Trailer chain and flap-unload system that has made Trinity's trailers so popular. This unload system greatly reduces belt slippage in muddy or sloppy conditions and unloads with minimal bruising. The new gear pump and 7.5-horsepower electric motor generates extremely fast unload speeds (also available with PTO). The new side door has eliminated latches allowing the doors Trinity Trailer Manufacturing, open and shut smoothly without jamming. The inside shelf of the side door has been eliminated so there is no place for debris to collect causing the door not to close.

Trinity's high-capacity beds are also remarkably light. Twenty-foot beds, depending on how they are equipped, will typically weigh less than 4,500 pounds.