Spontaneous goat manure fire stinks up Vt. town

Published online: Aug 23, 2013
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WINDSOR, Vt. (AP)-Officials say a pile of goat manure spontaneously caught fire, spreading stench and wrinkling noses through a Vermont town but causing no damage.

Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh says the odor that followed the fire evoked "a damp kind of burning leaves or brush fire."

The Valley News (http://bit.ly/1f4pD7u) reports 120 cubic yards of goat manure spontaneously combusted at the 800-goat Oak Knoll Dairy early Wednesday morning, erupting into small flames and spreading an odor that both perplexed and amused people.

Farm owner George Redick says the manure would typically have been spread around the farm earlier in the year, but the rainy season and other factors kept that from happening.

He says he used to think spontaneous combustion was a myth, but now he's a believer.

Source: www.capitalpress.com