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Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 18, 2013
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Bulk Bed and Diamond Class Trailers

Select Truck Center's newly designed and tested bulk bed has won rave reviews from the first growers to purchase the product.

STC's new to the market bulk bed features a patent-pending design for its side door. The revolutionary door uses no hinges or latches in its operation. The door slides in a guillotine fashion, slipping down inside of the bed, pivoting from the top of the door. Two Rams run simultaneously by a pair of Oildyne units, make the function seamless and effortless.

The crop is loaded directly onto the open door to the overflow point. An in-cab toggle is activated to raise the door. The HMW plastic lining on the door acts as a "slip sheet." The crop simply slides off the door as it's raised.

All beds come with a rear barn door, allowing the entire bed to be opened up, making unloading times of high volume crops a breeze.

They also feature the same high tensile strength stainless steel and belted chain design offered in STC's Diamond Class belted trailers.

STC provides a number of industry firsts in the belted trailer market.

 The first to make the 7 1/2 HP electric motor standard on all trailers.
 The first to offer a longer discharge chute to keep from damaging the rear of the trailers on beet troughs, pilers and other obstacles.
 The first to offer the Diamond Bridge, giving the trailer a substantially stronger structure, without giving up the needed flexibility.

STC's hydraulic system offers a hands-free operation on its dual (PTO/electric) system. Simply plug it in and the selector valve switches to the electric side.

STC's are built with quality components. Electric motors, hydraulic pumps/motors, axles and suspensions are domestically made. The weld quality and attention to detail is hard to match. STC takes pride in everything it builds and backs its products with a warranty and the industry's best service.