McCrometer Connect Wireless Systems on display at Irrigation Association Show

Published online: Aug 26, 2013

Visitors to the Irrigation Association Show on Nov 6-7 in Austin, Texas, will find the McCrometer Connect System suite of products in Booth 2134 provides wireless remote monitoring and total systemsolutions designed to cover the needs of growers and irrigators 24/7.

Offered by McCrometer, trusted industry leader of quality flow measurement products since 1955, the versatile McCrometer Connect complement ofdurable systems and sensors delivers accurate, accessible field data to support timely, informed crop and irrigation management decisions.

Whether the need is to monitor flow, soil moisture, weather, water quality, ETo, or other critical inputs, the McCrometer Connect System has a smart, scalable configuration to address it. Offering a wide variety of turn-key solutions, the McCrometer Connect suite of products includes: field stations and sensors with data communication via satellite, cell and radio to relay critical information to the home, office or while on the go. From wherever they are, growers and irrigators can check on the status of their systems, fields and crops via user friendly, web-based reports delivered right to their fingertips. 

The versatile McCrometer Connect wireless system covers a complete range of agricultural monitoring applications that also include frost, integratedpest management, pump and water level monitoring as well as automatic meterreading.

Manual flow data collection is costly and time consuming.  McCrometer Connect streamlines the meter reading process by providing wireless access to flow meter data. The flexible system is compatible with many flow meter brands.  Totalizer readings with daily, weekly, or seasonal water use records are conveniently delivered to the manager's tablet, smart phone or desktop.

For easy integration into the wireless connect system, McCrometer offers telemetry ready options on its popular McPropeller and WS Flow Meters as well as compatible intelligent transmitters for easy field retrofits on existing McCrometer flow meters. This total solution system provides irrigators with the most accurate choice for efficient flow measurement reading and reporting.

With over 55 years of proven service in the agricultural markets, McCrometer offers unique flow measurement and wireless solutions that meet a wide range of regulatory requirements. Visitors stopping by McCrometer's booth at the Irrigation Show can see these products on display and learn more about the cost saving benefits of McCrometer's innovative and affordable technologies for improved irrigation and crop management.