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Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 18, 2013
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Double L 900 Series Truck BedDouble L 900 Series Truck Bed

The Double L 900 Series Truck Bed is a multi-purpose, self-unloading truck bed that meets all your harvest and handling needs.

Our load-sensing dual-drive belt system can keep pace with the competition under any load. Whether it is hauling sugarbeets, potatoes, grain or onions out of the field, the Double L truck bed will deliver with dependability and durability.

Double L 900 Series Truck BedHave you ever seen a truck bed unload fertilizer?

Probably not. Fertilizer would quickly eat through the metal. However, with the Double L stainless steel self-unloading truck bed, you can unload practically anything in a matter of minutes. It's the only true multipurpose truck bed on the market.