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Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 18, 2013
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Logan Load-ProLogan Load-Pro

Over the past few years, the Logan Load-Pro truck bed has become the most popular bed on the market.

A few of the features that have made the Logan bed so sought after include:
 Ratchet Jacks on all four corners of the bed for easy belt adjustment. It's so easy even the hired help will adjust the belt when needed.
 Bolt in cross members in the frame rails to allow the bed to flex, which prevents cracking, also formed ribs, side tubing and heavy-duty sheeting make for a strong and durable bed to last for many years.
 35 percent more carrier rollers for improved load carrying capacity, and the size allows them to turn easier.

And, new this year: The paint has been improved to a much higher quality than before with a longer-lasting shine. Good primer along with the Urethane paint gives you a much better protection in the toughest conditions.

Also, the door latches have been improved to keep them operating in all conditions. They are contained in the up and down motion of the hook and the rod is attached and has a positive and smooth action.