Indiana Congressman wants "farm only" bill

Published online: Jun 21, 2013
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Indiana Congressman Marlin Stutzman, a fourth-generation farmer, filed amendments today with the House Committee on Rules to divide the farm bill into a "farm only" farm bill.

Stutzman calls the current legislation a trillion-dollar spending package that is "a farm bill in name only. Congress must remove welfare provisions from the farm bill and give tax payers the honest debate they deserve on both," he says. "It's simple: food stamp policy isn't farm policy."

Stutzman says most Americans are shocked to learn that 80 percent of the farm bill's spending goes to food stamps.

With our nation nearly $17 trillion in debt, American people deserve an open, transparent debate and that can only happen when Washington stops playing games with deceptively named spending bills."

The House is scheduled to begin debate on the Farm Bill this week.