Ropa North America

Euro Maus 4, Euro Tiger XL, and Big Bear

Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 31, 2013
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MAUSEuro Maus 4

Ropa presents a new generation of its self-propelled cleaning loader for sugarbeets with entirely new dimensions and a collection system more than 10.2 meters wide.

The overall concept combines performance and efficiency and blends practical experience with the newest technological innovations from the Ropa company. The unmistakeable feature of the Maus is its 9-meters long counterweight arm, specially designed by Hermann Paintner and guaranteeing utmost stability even with a maximum extended loading elevator with 15 meters.

TIGEREuro Tiger XL

Ropa has now developed a euro-Tiger V8-4 with a 6- 8- or 9- row lifting unit. Higher efficiency per acre, lower fuel consumption and increased leaf topping are clearly noticeable and significant benefits of this system.

The operator quickly realizes the efficiencies that can be achieved by a self-propelled harvester that defoliates, cleans and bunkers 25 tons, unloading on the go. Visibility and adjustments of all major components are accomplished from the comfort of the cab.

Rugged and precise construction allows this Tiger XL to harvest for many years with minimal repairs.


The Big Bear sugarbeet cart is a quick way to take beets from the harvester to the truck or clamp.

Fast unloading of 34 tons by hydraulically driven conveyors to the center conveyor keeps a balanced load at all times. Track undercarriage keeps compaction at a minimum, and allows harvest of beets in very adverse conditions. Scrub roller provides cleaning action as beets pass to the truck conveyor.