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Art's Way 6812 Sugarbeet Harvester

Published in the May 2013 Issue Published online: May 31, 2013
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Art's WayDesign engineers have improved the crop retention of the Art's Way 6812 Sugarbeet Harvester.

Now the model 6812C is built with new barriers in the harvesting head. The hinged barriers allow the sugarbeets to flow onto the rollers but prevent them from rolling back and dropping out of the head. A barrier has been placed between every row to avert crop loss. The smaller double conveyor chains have been replaced with a single wider chain carrying more beets into the second set of rollers. The single chain eliminates an area that was prone to plugging with dirt and debris. The combination of these two improvements keeps the harvesting head cleaner while boosting capacity and flow.

Exclusive to the Art's Way Sugar Beet Harvester is the ferris wheel elevator, proven to have the best cleaning capability on the market. The new lighter weight retainer has been incorporated into the ferris wheel design making space adjustment between the retainer and the ferris wheel easier to accommodate the beet size of your harvest.