Progressive Crop Systems

Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013

FieldViewFieldView is an app available from Precision Planting for an iPad that when combined with a 20/20 SeedSense monitor will map in real time all the data from a planter.

Each of the eight pieces of information the monitor measures has a separate map made, much like a yield monitor map but with the user friendliness of being on an iPad. For example one map would show where each skip and double is in the field and a report row-by-row of that data for the entire field. Another map that can be displayed is population showing different colors for different rates actually planted.

Since an Internet-connected iPad has GPS built into it, the data can be used throughout the year for field scouting, and show your location inside of the field/planting data. The other benefit of the iPad's Internet connection is that growers this year will have the option of sending live planting data to a website where a manager can remotely access the maps and data without being in the tractor with the operator. This connection also allows for prescription maps and swath control boundaries to be wirelessly sent to the planter.