Published in the March 2013 Issue Published online: Mar 05, 2013

MonosemMonosem produces a wide range of highly engineered built-to-order custom planters.

Many row crop producers have found the precision meter an important advantage to save on seed costs while delivering those seeds to their best potential.

This unique cast aluminum meter with its stainless steel seed plates, brass seed scraper and brass ejector block provides the qualities of dependability, durability and versatility that have become synonymous with Monosem.

The Monosem meter uses a brass ejector to direct seeds off the flat seed plate at the same angle of release. This ensures that every seed is dropped at the same location of the seed tube to produce consistent seed spacing.

Monosem offers multiple configurations specifically for the sugarbeet grower including three linkage types, many forward attachments and specific options like brackets to accommodate new insecticide systems and 3/4 bu. receiving hoppers on the Central Seed System for planting both corn and beets.

For linkage choices, the newest is a Monosem exclusive-the Monoshox.

The Monoshox adjusts to a full range of down pressure while the integrated shock absorber provides dampening to reduce upswing bounce from the row unit. This dampening provides better ground contact for accurate depth control at higher speeds which translates to even emergence.