Engaged. Empowered. Strong.

Published online: Jan 15, 2013
According to the last Census of Agriculture almost 14 percent of farms and ranches had female principle operators.

As women become more active in production agriculture, they are also becoming more involved in the organizations that represent farmers and ranchers.

Isabella Chism represents the Midwestern Region on the WLC Board. She says the committee's theme this year, "Engaged.  Empowered.  Strong." embodies the goals of the Leadership Committee.

"We're here to engage women on all levels with all different kinds of people - whether it is media representation or politics and the political process, or even agriculture," she says. "We just want them to tell the story about the field they love."

Which means giving members the tools they need.

"We provide them with the leadership training to give them the confidence they need to be prepared to talk to anyone about anything," she says. "That makes us a stronger organization, a stronger farm, and a stronger economy."

Source: brownfieldagnews.com