Bobcat Announces non-DPF Tier 4 Engine offering

Published in the January 2013 Issue Published online: Jan 06, 2013

Bobcat Company has announced a plan for Tier 4 solutions that include adding a Doosan-built engine to some of its equipment lineup for 2014. Development of the new Tier 4-compliant engine was a collaboration between Bobcat, Doosan and some of the world's top engineering consultants and engine design firms-Ricardo, FEV and the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

The Doosan-built engine is a non-DPF (diesel particulate filter) engine. Bobcat engineers have worked together with Doosan, the engineering consultants and engine design firms to develop these engines that offer non-DPF Tier 4 technology.

The new Tier 4 Doosan engines will be available in Bobcat machines that meet Tier 4 horsepower requirement ranges sometime in early 2014.

Over the next 18 months, Bobcat plans to release more details on the Tier 4 machines and engines, along with additional and features and solutions that will benefit customers.