Mini plant photosynthesis meter to assist green fingers

Published in the November 2012 Issue Published online: Nov 06, 2012
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EARS Plant Photosynthesis Monitoring is launching the miniPPM, a handy and affordable plant photosynthesis meter. It is the ultimate tool for gardeners, growers and extension workers. The measurement is based on the chlorophyll fluorescence, a very weak optical signal emitted by the plant.

Weed control and greenhouse horticulture are major application fields. The miniPPM-100 is a handy extension to your green fingers. Just put it in your pocket and use it everywhere. A measurement takes less than a second. For research, there are more advanced models. The miniPPM-300 automatically measures a complete photosynthesis light curve and produces a corresponding measuring report, thus characterizing the growth properties of a species or variety.