Innovation on the 21st Century Farm

Technology out of thin air, so to speak

Published in the June 2012 Issue Published online: Jun 12, 2012 Nancy Sanchez
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Farmers have the coolest toys nowadays. That dusty ole tool box resting on the back of the farm truck has a brand new meaning. In fact, the traditional tool box is now slipped into a nifty smartphone belt carrier.

Although the physical metal box still carries wrenches and grease guns, the modern tools are electronic GPS systems that speak like Darth Vader on autopilot telling you the pivot on star-field VTR needs backup modem, or something along that train of thought.

The point is, farming is way advanced with agricultural technologies that have most of us in awe with the sophistication. It may take a brand new-age dictionary to learn the lingo associated with this cleverness.

With that, thanks goes to a very clever blogger/writer/farmer in Indiana named Brian Scott, for his advanced knowledge and sharing capabilities. Scott has discussed many advanced ag technologies that are in force today.

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