Prestigious Awards to CASE IH

Published in the April 2012 Issue Published online: Apr 13, 2012
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Four Case IH products have been selected to receive the prestigious 2012 AE50 awards. Sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), the AE50 awards annually recognize the most innovative new agriculture equipment worldwide.

This year's Case IH award recipients include the independent grain tank cross auger control in Case IH Axial-Flow 30 Series combines, the MagnaCut Fine Cut Chopper for Axial-Flow combines, the Robo-Sharpener and the Steiger 600 tractor.

The award-winning products were announced in the January/February issue of ASABE's Resource magazine. For two decades, the AE50 awards have recognized the best products introduced in the agricultural, food and biological systems industries. An expert panel selects up to 50 winners based on commercial impact, contributions to agriculture and engineering, and advancements in engineering and technological significance. To qualify for the distinct awards, each development must have been produced, advertized and made available for sale in the 2011 calendar year.


1) Independent Grain Tank Cross Auger Control, Axial-Flow 30 Series Combines

The independent cross auger control increases efficiency contributing to higher unload rates and ultimately reduces wear and tear on auger systems and components. It does this by allowing operators to shut down cross augers while the vertical and horizontal augers continue moving grain during unloading, helping to remove all the grain in the vertical and unload tubes. With larger, 17-inch augers and wider openings in the unload sump, the combine can handle more grain, increasing efficiency in the field. The ability to shut off the cross augers and clean out the vertical and horizontal auger reduces weight and improves efficiency. These features allow load rates to increase up to 4.5 bushels per second while maintaining the highest quality grain sample in the tank.


2) MagnaCut Extra Fine Cut Chopper for Axial-Flow Combine

With 120 rotating knives, the MagnaCut Extra Fine Cut Chopper is one of six residue management options for Case IH Axial-Flow combines. The fixed counter knives are adjustable from the fully retracted position, with incremental settings up to the fully engaged position allowing the producer to select the proper chop quality to match his residue requirements. In addition, new slip joints protect the knife blades from foreign objects to prolong knife life. Spreading capabilities are also improved, making planting and tillage easier for farmers.


3) Robo-Sharpener for True-Tandem 330 Turbo Blades

The new Case IH Robo-Sharpener is the only wavy blade sharpener in the world. Designed for sharpening the wavy or regular tillage blades on the Case IH True-Tandem 330 Turbo, it is the first manually supervised field-service robot that gives operators the flexibility to use it where they need it.

The Robo-Sharpener is equipped with a trolley system, allowing it to roll along a rail from blade to blade. A gang driver rotates the blades at ideal speeds, sharpening edges in minutes. This balance also keeps heat away from the blade, so the steel integrity is not compromised.

Because it is a mounted implement, there is no worry about finding level ground; sharpening can happen in the field, farm yard or service bay.

While labor and travel costs vary by area, using the Robo-Sharpener from your local Case IH dealer can save operators up to 85 percent compared to the cost to re-blade an implement.


4) Steiger 600 Tractor

Boasting 670 peak engine horsepower, the Case IH Steiger 600 tractor delivers extra engine horsepower to navigate steep hillsides, tough residue conditions, or to meet the higher PTO and hydraulic power demands of today's larger, more productive implements. The power-packed 12.9-liter engine is Tier 4A emissions compliant and equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for up to 10 percent fuel savings.

The Steiger 600 is available in wheeled or the exclusive Case IH Quadtrac configuration, which uses four independent tracks with a positive drive system, to minimize ground pressure, reduce compaction and improve traction.

Featuring one of the largest and quietest cabs in the industry, with exclusive four corner cab suspension, the Steiger 600 is designed for the ultimate in comfort during long days in the field. Steiger tractors feature an exclusive 40-degree, right-hand swivel seat that provides operators with a more ergonomic field of vision to see the front of the tractor, while also monitoring the implement behind. Cab controls have been relocated to the upper right-hand side of the cab within easy reach, while the most frequently used functions are contained in the new MultiControl Armrest console. The MultiControl Armrest can also accommodate the optional Pro 700 monitor, which is the largest touch screen monitor offered for easy tractor and implement control. Common to all Case IH high horsepower tractors, the console brings 85 percent of tractor operations into one easy-to-operate controller that fits easily into the operators hand for ergonomic single point operation.

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