Slingshot Revolution

Published online: Aug 22, 2011 News
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Slingshot is revolutionizing farming by enabling other precision ag equipment to do what they do, only better. Important service options include the industry's most robust wireless RTK system, in-cab online services with high-speed Internet access with no line-of-site limitations, secure data transfer/management services for near-instant transfer of production/prescription data, and the new Fleet View wireless service for improved fleet monitoring/management and data sharing. Compatible with Raven AND non-Raven equipment/software thanks to Slingshot's Application Programming Interface.
Also, the new Envizio Pro II field computer with full system capabilities for growers, Raven's SmartYield yield monitoring/mapping system, AccuFlow HP for optimum NH3 applications, the new Cruizer II RTK guidance system, Raven's OmniRow advanced planter control system with revolutionary capabilities, and the Viper Pro field computer, now AgX compliant.