WASDA: U.S. supply and use data for sugar

Published online: Oct 11, 2010 USDA-ERS
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WORLD AGRICULTURAL SUPPLY AND DEMAND ESTIMATES SUGAR: Projected U.S. sugar supply for fiscal year 2010/11 is increased 63,000 short tons, raw value, from last month, due to higher beginning stocks more than offsetting lower production. Florida cane sugar production is reduced 65,000 tons to match processor production projections, while Hawaii is increased 35,000 tons to be in line with the previous year=s estimate. Sugar use is increased 100,000 tons, in line with the increase for 2009/10. For 2009/10, U.S. supplies are increased 208,000 tons, due to higher production and imports. Production is increased 98,000 tons to account for larger-than-expected September output of U.S. beet sugar and Hawaii cane sugar. Imports are increased 110,000 tons, mainly due to higher imports from Mexico. Total use is increased 115,000 tons to reflect the strong demand for imported sugar and minor changes in sugar exports and deliveries for re-export products. Ending stocks are increased 93,000 tons, to 1.6 million tons or 14.4 percent of total use. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To read the full report visit http://www.usda.gov/oce/commodity/wasde/latest.pdf