A Matter of Appearance

A Change for the Better

Published in the July 2009 Issue Published online: Jul 03, 2009 Luther Markwart, Executive Vice President
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The time has come for a new look to Sugar Producer.

In search of this new facelift I have explored the magazine archives, evaluated the industry progress and recognized significant changes.

Essentially, methods in sugarbeet production has evolved and modernized. The way information is presented and distributed has also gone through transformation and continues to modernize.

This magazine is well-used in addition to being well-cared for. However, even well-cared for items need to be dusted off and inspected.

The Sugar Producer staff is geared up and ready for change.

Here at Harris Publishing we strive for excellence in print publications. As readers you should expect nothing less than the best. As the editor I expect to present you with a fresh approach that will maintain the necessary information you have grown to count on. It will be tasteful, refined and will confidently lead you into the inevitable changes our youthful generation is preparing for.

It should also be noted that this editor does not work alone in terms of designing the new look for the magazine. The magazine’s graphic designer, Dayne Dingman, is a very talented, insightful and creative artist who has considered the industry, audience and content in order to re-design with style. I look forward to the new facelift he will carry out.

Sugar will always be part of the American diet. Growing sugarbeets in America will also continue to grace our beautiful land. Producing the best products under the most knowledgeable farm management systems on earth will never change.

We are here to stay while providing you with the latest research in the most reliable, readable and user-friendly style. Get ready for the change—it will grow on you.