NEW Beet-Sugar Handbook published

Published online: Nov 21, 2006 Sugar Producer Staff
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This book is described as an all-in-one reference for the beet-sugar industry. Beet-Sugar Handbook is a practical and concise reference for technologists, chemists, farmers, and research personnel involved with the beet-sugar industry. It covers: Basics of beet-sugar technology Sugarbeet farming Sugarbeet processing Laboratory methods of analysis The book also includes technologies that improve the operation and profitability of the beet-sugar factories, such as: Juice-softening process Molasses-softening process Molasses-desugaring process Refining cane-raw sugar in a beet-sugar factory The book ends with a review of the following: Environmental concerns of a beet-sugar factory Basics of science related to sugar technology Related tables for use in calculations The author, DR. MOSEN ASADI, received his PhD in chemical engineering (major in sugar technology) from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Prague, Czech Republic, in 1983. His PhD thesis was on molasses desugaring by chromatographic process. After working in the U.S. beet-sugar industry for over twenty years, mainly in R&D, he retired in 2003. He has taught chemistry at the Community College of Southern Nevada. For ordering information visit,descCd-description.html