CropLife Welcomes CDC Report

Published online: Feb 05, 2003
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CropLife America welcomed the Centers for Disease Control's Second National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental chemicals.

Jay J. Vroom, president, said CropLife will continue to fully support the monitoring program.

"CDC should be commended for undertaking this unprecedented assessment American's exposure to environmental chemicals and for its objective evaluation of this data," Vroom stated.

He said the pesticide data in the report indicates the American public can be assured that the regulatory safeguards for pesticides in place are very tough and are working as intended.

"American can be confident about the safety of our food supply and the public health protection made possible by pesticides.

"Prior to registration for use by the EPA, the typical pesticide under goes at least 120 health, safety and environmental tests. Such testing accounts for all populations, including adults, infants and children."

Blood and urine samples were collected from between 2,000 and 2,500 participants for each chemical tested in CDC's National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey.