Idaho Gets Valuable Rain

Published online: May 23, 2002
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Most of the potato-growing areas in Idaho received a real shot in the arm Monday and Tuesday when they received over an inch of rain.

It was a very welcome rain as most potatoes were planted—in dry soil—and moisture was desperately needed. State statistics show that about 90 percent of the state’s crop were planted by Monday of this week.

The rain will probably be enough to germinate potato seed, decreasing pressure on already low irrigation water supplies.

Timing of the rain couldn’t have been better as far as helping all growers in the state. Although it brought cold temperatures into the high 30s, which will continue to delay growth, the benefits of the cold front will far outweigh the loss of heat units.

Only the high-elevation seed areas are still unplanted but they are always late and there is no real concern on the part of seed growers.