Colorado Shrink-Wraps Bakers

Published online: Apr 15, 2002
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San Luis Valley, CO, potato growers have formed a new company to market shrink-wrapped microwaveable baker potatoes. The individually wrapped russets come pre-washed and will cook in about eight minutes in the microwave. The new company is The Farm Fresh-Direct of Monte Vista. It is a group of about 38 growers. They say to survive in today’s market place they have to do something different. They first marketed the product in southern California, then into a limited national program. At a suggested retail price of 79 cents for an 11-ounce wrapped potato the item sells for a premium price compared to individual russets. They carry a price of 79 cents for one pound in most stores. The only drawback to the new shrink-wrapped product is that the bakers lack the crispy skins of oven-baked potatoes. But all a person has to do is pop them into the oven for five minutes and they’ve got a crispy skin. The SLV group is the first to sell this product in an individually wrapped package on a national basis. With this type of marketing, the group feels it will be reaching out and connecting directly with the nation’s consumers.