Idaho To Shore Up Marketing

Published online: Jan 04, 2002
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Plans are under way to introduce into the Idaho legislature this year amendments to Idaho's commodity indemnity fund program and to allow "stickering" on Idaho potatoes.

The indemnity language is designed to help protect growers from warehouses which do not/cannot make proper payment. However, at the request of potato industry officials, potatoes will not be included in the proposed rulesmaking.

The state legislature will be voting on these amended rules and re-defining use of the state's certification marks. Potato containers must use Idaho's specific approved produce identification code when it has been obtained and approved.

Idaho growers are also seeking approval to "sticker" individual potatoes. This includes adding the certification mark, "Grown in Idaho," printed at a minimum height of 8.129 mm and minimum width of 5.37 mm.

New rulemaking will also be sought to allow packers to use the "Spuddy Buddy" certification mark on containers when registered and with written approval of the Idaho Potato Commission.