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Marketing Season Moving Along

Published online: Dec 31, 2001
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As the calendar is turned to a new year, growers seem content to leave their '01 crop in storage and wait out the holiday selling period.

Idaho growers are holding about 90,00,000 cwt at year's end-just over 70 percent of the crop. While "orderly marketing" is the cryword, some growers must meet contractual commitments and others have been forced to sell to keep bankers happy.

The Dec. 1 stocks totaled 95,000,000 in Idaho, as compared to the 111,000,000 figure of one year ago on that date.

In the meantime, processing is running about 8,000,000 sacks behind as compared to one year ago.

Idaho fresh shipments are also down from one year ago. Most growers believe the market will be on their side-especially with quality potatoes-so they are hopeful the $6-7 cwt price will hold and go higher.