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Lorsban On EPA's Hearing List

Published online: Dec 07, 2001
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Chlorpyrifos, or better known as Lorsban by the sugarbeet industry, is on the EPA's iRED decision list with a hearing deadline set for Jan. 14.

The EPA announced in mid-November that it would accept public comments on the interim risk-management decision document. The recent action is an effort by the EPA to ensure that chlorpyrifos and other organophosphorus pesticides meet the safety standard established under FIFRA, as amended by the Food Quality Protection Act.

The Dow AgroSciences product has been one of the favorite insecticides used in the sugarbeet industry for many years. It has three formulations, 4E, 4E-SG and 15G.

However, EPA noted that with mitigation eliminating home owner's and children's exposure around the home and the phaseout of the termiticide uses, chlorpyrifos fits into its own "risk" cup.

The product is used on several other food crops besides sugarsbeets. The risk assessment shows that chlorpyrifos residues in food and drinking water do not pose risk concerns. The EPA said that all currently registered uses of chlorpyrifos, except open-pour dust formulations, might continue until the cumulative risks for all the organophosphorous pesticides have been considered.

The iRED is available in the Pesticide Docket (703-305-5805) and on the website at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/registration. Comments identified by docket control number OPP-34203G must be received on or before Jan. 14.