Angry Aussies Stage Protests

Published online: Aug 07, 2001
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Australian potato growers are not going to let the major potato processors off the hook that easy. They plan a series of nationwide protests in the next three weeks.

The growers are unhappy over the incremental price increases given them for their potatoes used to make french fries (chips).

The growers are seeking their first pay increase in 10 years-a A$30 rise to A$230 a ton from Simplot and McCain.

Growers are asking consumers to boycott the fast-food chains, KFC, McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, supplied by Simplot and McCain.

In New Zealand, the Vegetable and Potato Growers Federation began a campaign there for a price increase. Federation Chief Executive Officer Ron Gall said growers receive just 0.02 cents for an average NZ$1.65 serving of chips. He said an increase of 0.01 cents a serving would give growers another $100 a ton.