OxiDate Rate Increase Approved

Published online: May 25, 2001
BioSafe Systems announced May 24 the EPA has given approval for the increase of active ingredient of its bactericide/fungicide, OxiDate, to control storage diseases.

Neil Goldberg, spokesman, said in an effort to reduce the amount of water required during potato piler application treatments to fall within University recommended rates of one-half gallon per ton of potatoes, BioSafe Systems has increased the available range of dilution rates.

These rates will increase from 1:25 to 1:100 or 10,800 ppm to 2,700 ppm AI. This rate increase will improve the sanitizing power during load-in operations by 100 percent when coupled with a new proprietary surfactant recently developed by BioSafe. Using the surfactant will increase coverage and performance by 300 percent, Goldberg reported.

OxiDate is labeled for field treatments, seed treatments as well as pre-storage rinse, and direct-injection into humidification water to control bacterial and fungal storage diseases.