Contans 7WG Given EPA License

Published online: May 10, 2001
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CON/M/91-08, and one product, Contans 7WG, produced by Prophyta Biologischer Pflanzenshutz GmbH, Germany, has been registered for sale in the Untied States.

According to an EPA notice issued recently, the naturally occurring strain of Coniofhynium fungi is used to treat soil to control common plant pathogens, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Sclerotinia minor which cause white mold, pink rot and water soft rot.

It is a naturally occurring micro-organism. The fungus attacks certain structures of sclerotia of a few closely related fungi that cause plant diseases. Both growth and germination of C minitans strain CON/M/91-08 are temperature-dependent. Its optimum sporulation occurs at 25 to 30 EC.

Registered in March, Contans 7WG is diluted in water and applied as a spray to the soil, followed by mechanical mixing into the first one-to-two inches. The product is applied three-to-four months before planting, or after harvest.

U.S. representative is Technology Sciences Group Inc., of Washington, DC.