Gavel Receives Registration

Published online: Apr 03, 2001
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Rohm and Haas' new fungicide Gavel has received registration from the U.S. EPA. It is expected to receive a three-way registration through NAFTA with Mexico and Canada.

The protectant fungicide for potato early and late blight will be known as Gavel 75 DF. The new active ingredient in Gavel is zoxamide, which belongs to the benzamide class of chemistry.

Gavel stops fungal growth by inhibiting cell division, preventing the late blight fungus from reproducing. This unique mode of action for late blight control makes the product a good choice for resistance-management rotations.

The product will also be useful for its ability to penetrate the waxy cuticle of plant foliage, which gives it exceptional rainfastness.

State registrations are expected in time for growers to use Gavel this year. Those seeking additional information can visit the new web site at