Acrobat 50WP Receives Approval

Published online: Dec 27, 2000
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BASF announced recently that a new formulation of Acrobat fungicide had received EPA approval.

Acrobat 50WP, a wettable powder formulation is expected in the marketplace in January.

The product will offer growers some features and benefits not available in other fungicides.

Dr. Steven Broscious, BASF technical product manager for high-value crops and fungicides, said the product will be the only one that will give suppression of tuber blight.

"This feature gives growers an added benefit in the production of clean, disease-free, and higher-quality potatoes."

A previous formulation of Acrobat that contained mancozeb will no longer be marketed on potatoes. Patrick Bracy, product manager, said with the product changed, the cost would drop dramatically.

State clearances for the formulation are under way and expected very soon.