NatureMark Looks At Channeling

Published online: Feb 18, 2000
NatureMark, developers of the NewLeaf genetically enhanced potato, told growers in mid-February that it will work with processors and fresh pack operators to ensure NewLeaf potatoes are channeled into markets.

Jan de Weerd, manager of marketing and sales, said growers must identity-preserve genetically enhanced potatoes from other product supplies until full market acceptance is achieved.

Growers should be able to secure access to the technology through available seed supplies, while at the same time, meeting the needs and preferences of processor customers and export markets.

Growers were told to talk openly with their processors and explore opportunities in developing a channeling plan.

Gary Bingham, NatureMark sales representative in Idaho, told growers that the GMO issue was a "moving day-to-day target. I think we'll get a better feel for it in a year."

Bingham said that many of the spokesmen for the quick-serve restaurants have told NatureMark they don't want the technology to go away. "We have commitments from many organizations that will work with us," he added.