McDonald's Lists January Sales

Published online: Feb 11, 2000
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McDonald's Corporation reported that January Systemwide sales increased 10 percent on a constant currency basis. Sales were $3.16 billion, compared with January 1999 sales of $2.94 billion, a 7 percent increase.

In the United States, January sales were $1.41 billion, compared with $1.33 billion last year, a 6 percent increase.

In Europe, sales increased 10 percent. January's sales of $792.1 million were reduced by the weaker Euro-dollar compared with January 1999 sales of $797 million.

However, since the Euro depreciated against the U.S. dollar in 1999, the impact is expected to lessen this year.

Asia/Pacific's sales increased 13 percent, Latin America's 12 percent, and the other segments increased 24 percent.

McDonald's is the largest and best-known food service retailer, with; more than 26,000 restaurants serving more than 43 million people a day in 118 countries.

The fast-food restaurant chain buys millions of dollars worth of processed potatoes as french fries from United States producers for use domestically and overseas.