SLN Received By Gustafson LLC

Published online: Jan 18, 2000
Gustafson LLC announced it has received a Special Local Needs registration for its new Gaucho-MZ seed-piece treatment. The SLN is only for Idaho.

"Gaucho-MZ is a new formulation offering Idaho growers the convenience of using the fungicide mancozeb in combination with Gaucho insecticide," says Alex Edsel, potato product manager for Gustafson.

"We believe that by offering this formulation, we are being responsive to grower practices in Idaho," he said.

The key active ingredient in Gaucho-MZ, imidacloprid, is the same active ingredient found in Admire 2 insecticide. Gaucho-MZ delivers outstanding protection against Colorado potato beetle and all aphid species.

Gaucho formulations have been extremely successful in other crop markets as well. The product has been widely praised for its environmentally friendly attributes, high efficacy and low-use rates, according to Edsel.

Mancozeb, the other ingredient in Gaucho-MZ, is considered to be the most commonly used seed-piece fungicide in Idaho. It is used primarily for protection against Fusarium dry rot.