U.S. Fall Potato Production Up

Published online: Nov 12, 1999
United States fall potato production for 1999 in forecast at 436 million cwt, up 1 percent from last year and up 3 percent above 1997's totals.

Although acres harvested is down 3 percent to 1.18 million acres, the average yield is forecast at 369 cwt per acre, a jump of 134 cwt from last year and 12 cwt above two years ago.

The 10 western states produced 298 million cwt in '99, up 1 percent from each of the last two years. Acreage harvested at 736,000 acres, decreased 1 percent from last year. Average yield was put at 405 cwt, up 7 cwt.

Idaho, the nation's largest potato-producing state, saw a decrease of 2 percent from last year and 4 percent from two years ago. Washington state gained 2 percent and Oregon 8 percent.

Idaho's yield per acre average hit 339 cwt, up slightly from 1998's 338 cwt. While Idaho will be down just over 3 million cwt, Oregon and Washington together will offset the drop in Idaho production with an increase of over 4 million cwt.