Dedicated Seed Website Announced

Published online: Oct 28, 1999
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A Wisconsin company has announced a dedicated website for seed potato production worldwide using Quantum Tubers bio-manufacturing technology.

American Ag-Tec International Ltd. of Delavan, WI, said the technology is for the rapid multiplication of pathogen-free potato mini-tubers. Mini-tubers are zero-generation nuclear seed derived from in-vitro, tissue-cultured plantlets. They are used for the first stage of seed multiplication.

Quantum Tubers' patented technology allows seed-potato producers worldwide to eliminate from five-to-seven years of field planting from their seed-multiplication schemes, saving both time and money.

The controlled production of millions of mini-tubers under this bio-manufacturing system provides for very large quantities of exceptionally high-quality seed stocks to be produced with just two field generations. was developed by Ag-Tec in conjunction with the NASA Space Center at the University of Wisconsin and with assistance of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Plant Pathology Department, and Dr. Thomas German.