Minn-Dak Farmers Co-op Would Welcome Sunny, Dry Days

Published online: Sep 03, 1999
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Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative stockholder/growers began delivering the first truckload of sugarbeets from the cooperative's 26th crop Tuesday morning, according to Director of Communications Patricia J. Keough-Wilson.

She said that the pre-harvest delivery is proceeding satisfactorily in spite fo the intermittent rain this week. Full harvest usually begins around the first of October.

Keough-Wilson said, "Three piling stations closed early on Thursday due to rain but there was an adequate supply of beets on hand for several days. We allowed open haul, deviating from the planned schedule, in order to make sure we did have enough beets to start slice as planned on Thursday morning. However, we would welcome an improvement in the weather."