Ukrainian Sugar Factories Can Produce More Than 2mt Of Sugar

30 sugar factories are participating in 2023/24 sugar-production season

Published online: Nov 29, 2023 News National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine
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Acting Chairman of the National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine «Ukrsugar» Nazar Mykhailovyn told about this in an interview for The Ukrainian Farmer.

“Enterprises are loaded at 100 percent, they work on wheels — they don't store sweet roots in piles or clamps. So, sugarbeets are harvested, immediately loaded and taken to sugar production,” Mykhailovyn noted.

According to acting chairman of «Ukrsugar» Association, currently there are about 35 sugar factories in Ukraine that can produce more than 2 million tonnes of sugar.

“This amount will be enough to supply domestic market with sugar and to create export potential. However, they need to be modernized,” Mykhailovyn.