AgFuse launches for farmers

Published online: Oct 05, 2015 News
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AgFuse is a free social media tool created specifically to connect farmers and the agricultural community with one another.

Never before has there been a platform that enables farmers, experts, suppliers and farm organizations to communicate with one another with such effectiveness and ease.

The farming community now has a way to connect, tell their stories, promote useful products, share and network. Farmers and ag professionals can use AgFuse to not just connect with one another, but also to quickly learn the latest farming information, new developments, research, tips and much more.

User profiles include basic information, areas of interest, such as organic farming or livestock. Users can form or join Groups allowing for the discussion of specific topics, such as cover crops and precision technology. The diverse toolset provided by AgFuse allows farmers to increase knowledge in the field, update members and provide instant news through groups.

This brand new site has already launched an array of valuable connections. For example, InfoAg 2015 Conference attendees have successfully connected, and an agronomist who has a podcast has been interacting and networking via AgFuse. A cover crop researcher joined the community and has been making valuable connections as well. There are currently connected members in locations ranging from Australia, Switzerland and Mexico to Canada and the United States.

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