Valley Irrigation, AquaSpy team up on real-time soil moisture monitoring

Published online: Nov 18, 2013
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Valley Irrigation announces its collaboration with AquaSpy to offer farmers the most advanced soil moisture monitoring technology.

Valley SoilPro 1200, powered by AquaSpy, will provide real-time data that tells growers how much water is needed at each stage of a crop's growth cycle. Sold in an annual subscription format, the technology will allow farmers to make knowledgeable irrigation decisions about when and where inputs are needed to maximize yields.

The AquaSpy platform offers a revolutionary technical approach to managing the soil moisture profile, said Craig Malsam, vice president of global engineering and strategic technology development at Valley Irrigation.

"We have been evaluating soil moisture technology for decades and this product really addresses the significant needs of the market," Malsam said. "This new product makes it easy for growers to determine how much to water."

AquaSpy is partnering with Valley because of the NE-based company's reputation as the leader in precision irrigation, said Bruce Moeller, AquaSpy's chief executive officer.

"Valley is the leader in its industry, with a great brand, a great reputation, and an extremely competent dealer network," Moeller said. "We're the leader in technology in our industry, so it's the perfect marriage. We're taking a proven high quality solution and coupling it with the most celebrated brand name and dealer network in the industry."

This partnership and the cutting-edge technology will lead to smarter decision making that will result in higher yields and cost savings for growers, said Matt Ondrejko, vice president of global marketing at Valley.

"We're building on our brand promise of delivering leadership in irrigation for our customer base," he said.

SoilPro 1200 probes will include 12 sensors that constantly collect moisture data directly from the crop's root zones, up to 60? underground. The sensors will send out the moisture and salinity levels every three minutes. The data will be collected and analyzed, converted into actionable conclusions, and delivered to a Web browser, making the service easy, intuitive, and affordable.

Valley will be the exclusive distributor of SoilPro 1200, which will be available in 2014.