Reports claim GMO labeling fails in Washington

Published online: Nov 18, 2013
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Opponents of Initiative 522 (I-522), which would require GMO labeling, are claiming a victory, but those supporting the measure are refusing to concede until every vote is counted, which could be days from now because the voting was a mail-in ballot that had to be postmarked as of Nov. 5.

The Seattle Times, USA Today and the Grocery Manufacturers Association all indicated that the measure was defeated. The measure was trailing 45 percent to 55 percent as of Wednesday afternoon.

It was reported that the measure led in only four counties: King, Whatcom, Jefferson and San Juan.

The Seattle Times reported last night that the Pro-Initiative 522 group was not ready to concede and said the vote was still too close to call. When the final numbers of the ballot count will be released is unknown.

Whether the measure passes or not, pro-GMO labeling supporters have already announced plans to bring an initiative to a vote in Oregon in 2014.