All turkeys Obama has pardoned are dead

Published online: Nov 23, 2013
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All the turkeys that President Barack Obama has pardoned the day before Thanksgiving and sent to Mount Vernon to live out their days have died, and the turkey he will pardon this year and its alternate will be sent to another historic Virginia estate, Morven Park, in Leesburg, Obama Foodorama reported Thursday.

The turkey have traditionally been sent to Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington.

Keith Williams, a spokesman for the National Turkey Federation, said that the turkeys will be part of the Christmas exhibit at Mount Vernon, but will then go to Morven Park, Obama Foodorama reported.

Williams said the reason that a different destination has been chosen for the turkeys is not because they died young, but because Mount Vernon officials said they no longer want to care for President Obama's birds because the hybrid broad-breasted, white-feathered toms do not match "the historic accuracy" of turkeys from Washington's era.